R6: Coastal Cruz part deux

This was a delightful ride, and I got to meet for the first time and ride with two super people. Lots of chill time and lovely weather. Rather uneventful in a good way. I was sort of on the fence about whether to actually do the ride, since I had been planning to do a double brevet overnight permanent to Healdsburg and back with Ely. We had planned to do the first 200K (out) on the last day of June, and the second day’s 200K (back) on the first day of July, thus making each leg count for one month of the R12. But I had a feeling that we weren’t going to end up actually doing that ride for whatever reason… which ended up being justified. So I’m glad I did decide in the end to ride with Jesse and Gabrielle! What actually clinched the decision for me was when I woke up, my clock radio was playing Joni Mitchell’s song ‘California’. Awww.

As usually happens, we ran into some interesting folk at the Summit Store, at the top of the climb out of Soquel. One guy had some Adventure Cycling stickers on his pack, and Jesse chatted with him for a bit about touring, and another guy complimented me about riding with platform pedals… which seems to only rarely escape comment of one kind or another when I’m out riding. But this guy was nice about it.

Full photo coverage of the ride, including pictures of all our bikes, the socks of the lady at the Ugly Mug, the pastry rack at Arcangeli’s in Pescadero, &c can be found on my flickr page.

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