Decembruary: my off season scrapbook

This is my third winter in Northern California, and I am still puzzled and mystified by the phenomenon. The weather patterns are different than other parts of the year, but how to describe what shape they take exactly is like trying to hold fog. This winter has had some incredibly dismal and cold/wet days, preventing me from going on a superior bike camp plan for Christmas week, but there have been some bright spots, too. After finishing the R12 it was a hard fight against burnout, so I thank my pal J Potis for bringing me along on some light-hearted and social rides. I feel so lucky to be living in an area where bicycling in the winter is only subtly different from bicycling any other time of year. After bike commuting in Chicago for year after icy, salty, blizzardy, windy year, I have a deep appreciation for being able to ride without borrowing outerwear (and underwear!) from activities like snowmobiling. Here, then, are some snapshots from the riding I did in my “off” season.


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