Parallel Randoverse: Coffeeneuring 2019

My first attempt at coffeeneuring ever! I did the Errandonnee years ago, maybe 2013? 2014? I still had my beloved teal blue Motobecane then which died of a deeply indexed headset and subsequent unsolveable steerer tube issues. But… why coffeeneuring?  It’s not going to be easy, since I don’t drink coffee! I am not sure how best to document fun rides, either. Not having to collect receipts is confusing. At least there’s a control card that somewhat resembles a brevet card. It’s funny, even though I don’t feel compelled to rando for credit as much as I once did, randonneuring has deeply affected my riding habits. I’d like to think of this coffee(neuring) clatch of rides as a way of taking a snapshot of my relationship with bicycling, how it looks at this moment, and see where it takes me. Also, I’ve run into some other fun coffeeneurs over the past year, even rode with one in Nevada!

Day one: Gamblers 1000k

Day one: Gamblers 1000k

October 12, 2019
Ride 1
Mileage: 27.46
Beverage: coffee stout
Destination: Biketoberfest, downtown Fairfax, CA 760 Center Blvd Fairfax 94930

The route for this first coffeeneuring ride was an easy dirt route to Fairfax from San Francisco. I love this route, and John and I have trodden this path many times.

Blithedale Ridge from Eldridge Trail

View of Blithedale Ridge from Eldridge Trail… or possibly from Hoo Koo E Koo

John is Not randonneuring today

I get my own sticker

Bike: 650b blue Pelican with WTB resolute tires which don’t mount well to my Velocity rims. There’s always a bump or something–they don’t inflate evenly. This time, I tried overinflating them to even them out, then letting off some air. It has definitely improved but not eliminated the problem. Otherwise the tires are perfect for that paved/dirt mix which characterize most of my routes these days.

When we got to Biketoberfest in downtown Fairfax, John and I parked our bikes at the free bike valet and almost immediately found our friend we were planning to meet. She was directing traffic on busy Center Boulevard so that fairgoers would be able to visit the tents and vendors on both sides of the street without worrying about cars speeding through.

Downtown Fairfax... so fair

Downtown Fairfax… so fair

Biketoberfest 2019

Biketoberfest 2019

Like several other of the fair volunteers, she was in a German folk dancing costume and a cool velvet porkpie hat with a feather! She gave us her beer glasses and we got a couple small glasses of beer–coffee stout for me, lager or something for John.

As soon as we sat down with our beer and our sandwiches, I noticed our friend Braxton roll right by with his two daughters, aged ten and seven (?) and his gal Erin! They said they were planning on taking the ferry back to San Francisco later, so when it was time to go, we joined them and rode with them to the ferry terminal. This wasn’t really part of the coffeeneuring ride, but it was so much fun! Braxton’s daughter Claire is riding pretty fast now *and* we have matching wrist watches.

After we got back to SF, it was time for John and me to go to the memorial celebration for SFR founder and past RBA Darryl Skrabak. This was sad for me since I never got to meet him, but he seemed like a pretty cool guy for many reasons. He built and maintained boats for the Dolphin Club, where the event was held; he was a draft resister in the Viet Nam war; he rode both on pavement and on trails like I do; and he even played the accordion.

Darryl's PBP bike

Darryl’s PBP bike

Custom fabs

Custom fabs

Darryl Skrabak

Darryl Skrabak: rest in peace, though we wish you could have been with us a little longer.

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