My bike


My bike is from the local San Francisco shop Box Dog Bikes, linked to at right. This picture was taken on Old Railroad Grade trail on Mount Tamalpais. This has been a fantastic bike for me, and I have ridden it on countless brevets and mixed terrain rides. By adding a rack or two, I also have ridden it on longer bike tours. I think it’s safe to say that most randonneurs would not be so apt to ride hundreds of miles at a stretch if we didn’t enjoy our bikes so much; at least, this is certainly the case for me. If you have any questions about it you’re welcome to email me, but I have to warn you that I love it a lot and can go on and on about it in a pretty tiresome way.

2 thoughts on “My bike

  1. Terrific bike. I too own a Pelican, slightly different 650B. Can I ask about your front brake set up? The cantis I currently run are short on power Tektro 720s with Shimano R600 levers. Cheers Mmmm and happy randoing.

    • I have Shimano R400 levers and Avid Shorty 4’s. I was using Yokozuna salmon brake pads for years, but I think the salmon pads were giving me too much stopping power actually. As I gained more confidence descending, I started using road pads. I also got another bike for mountain riding, so I started primarily riding this bike on mostly-paved routes. Sometimes I do go back to them though, still kind of on the fence about the pads. I do enjoy the Avids though. Hope this helps, happy riding to you!

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